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6 thoughts on “Isaiah Washington Defiantly Defending Adapting : ‘Do You Have A Plan To Stop White People In Their Tracks?’

  1. Jay Lee says:

    Trading in your $90,000 Mercedes for a Prius is not a strategy to stop white people in their tracks. That's a strategy to stop you in your own tracks because of fear and the limitations you put on yourself. I was just pulled over this past Sunday in a convertible Mercedes-Benz myself, does this means I have to trade in my car for a smartcar?

    Regardless the reason I was pulled over, my integrity gets me out of bad situations every time. I was respectful and I also complimented the officer for doing their job making sure I was complying within the law. I was doing 45 in a 25 and the officer let me go and just told me to slow down. I didn't say to the officer "Well Officer, you're pissed because I'm driving a Mercedes? You're mad because I'm a black man in a nice car? Folks, that is a bunch of BS. One thing I know that we have too much of in this physical world is EGO. All it took is for my EGO to stroke the Officer's EGO and there goes me having to pay a $281 dollar speeding ticket with points on my license. So if you want to stop ANYONE in their tracks regardless what race they are, just be nice. ~ Jay Lee.

  2. Does he understand we have been complying for centuries? He says we need to comply to fight another day but when does the fighting start because we have lived another day for over 300 years.

  3. There are too many dead black people who were not being belligerent & were still killed or blown away so your advice does not address those cases. Sociopathy doesn't care about niceties. It cares about wielding power.

  4. Ben Ramsey says:

    It's true we have been complying for 300 years but we never had a strategy for economic empowerment. I think it's naive to look for justice from a system that has proven itself to be criminal. Black folks have never learned how to be covert. Read Sun Tzu The Art of War.

  5. Mario Pascal says:

    There is no proper strategy to adapt to ignorance because it follows no rules. I don't drive a Benz so I not sure what level of attention that attracts from police, but if it ain't one thing its a mofuckin nuther. I think the hashtag should be #EMPOWER.

  6. Jay Lee says:

    Jay Contreras Absolutely, my advice only addresses where Isiah Washington is speaking of. Even though blacks have been belligerent, Isaiah is explaining how he's running his mouth back with the officer/guard. In the physical world, EGO is huge here. Why entertain that officer's ego?

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