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Jhené Aiko’s Big Sean Tattoo Is Raising Eyebrows But Others Insist It’s Her Choice

Jhené Aiko’s can’t-miss tattoo proves the singer has wasted no time moving on from her divorce from Dot Da Genius. Aiko went public with her boyfriend, rapper Big Sean, a year ago and finalized her split Tuesday, Oct. 3. By Oct. 9, Sean’s portrait was plastered on Aiko’s arm.

And Twitter users have a lot to say about it.

Some questioned the singer-songwriter’s decision-making skills.

Some hilariously pondered what Big Sean’s reaction was like.

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Yet others defended the star’s choice.

Indeed, Aiko has called her boyfriend and Twenty88 collaborator the “the love of my life.”

“When I met Sean, if you looked in the dictionary for Jhené Aiko, it would be a picture of Sean. Basically, he is my type, but he knows,” she told Billboard magazine in September.

She said they had been friends for years. But because they had been in other relationships, they were forced to get to know each other as pals.

“And then it just came to a point where it was like, ‘I’m single, you’re single, we love each other,’ she added. “We actually already loved each other as people and then it was like, ‘Okay, let’s just, you know, be together.’ So it was different because of that friendship. That comes first, we’re friends before anything. We can bicker like a friendship. I don’t know what the future holds, but as far as my life goes right now, yeah, he’s [the love of my life].”

Meanwhile, several folks simply chalked up the tat by Miryam “The Witchdoctor” Lumpini to Big Sean’s performance in bed.

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