Peep This: Jhene Aiko’s ‘Comfort Inn Ending’ Video

jhene-aiko-comfort-inn-ending-videoJhene Aiko has been the talk of the music world lately. Fresh off her Coachella performance, which featured cameos from rappers Drake and Childish Gambino, Aiko keeps her buzz going with a new visual for her single “Comfort Inn Ending.”

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“Ms. Aiko is back with the gripping new video for her track ‘Comfort Inn Ending.’ The track is a rather emotional, and powerful number that gets brought to life in an equally as captivating and emotional video.

“The track can be found on Jhene’s project, ‘Sailed Out’ EP, and was produced by No I.D., who laced the songstress with something quite nice to excel upon. The video gives the track much more depth, bringing her emotion and pain to life in a nicely shot clip.”

The emotional video is highlighted by Aiko lighting a pile of her cheating boyfriend’s Air Jordans in a bonfire.

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“With a stream of tears running down her cheek, the cutesy California siren pours a trail of gasoline and lights a match that ignites and sends her former lover’s belongings up in flames. ‘I was weak then and you knew it,’ she sings.

“The end of the vid replays happy memories as Jhene and Mr. Wrong frolic in a grassy field, before she is snapped back into her fiery reality. ‘If this was not love, then please tell me what was it,’ she pleads while staring into the flames.”

Check the Jhene Aiko “Comfort Inn Ending” video below and give us your thoughts.

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