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The White House On Jemele Hill’s Trump Comments: ‘I Think It’s a Fireable Offense’








As we previously reported, ESPN distanced itself from its anchor Jemele Hill’s tweets, after she called President Donald Trump a white supremacist. After the backlash grew, some called for the sports journalist’s termination, and the White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders said the same thing.

“I’m not sure he’s aware, but I think that’s one of the more outrageous comments that anyone could make and certainly something that I think is a fireable offense by ESPN,” said  Huckabee after a reporter asked if the president knew of Hill’s tweets.

Meanwhile, after unsigned quarterback Colin Kaepernick tweeted a supportive message to Hill, others took to Twitter to weigh in.

“Jemele Hill told the truth,” one person wrote. “Protect her at all costs.”

“The Jemele Hill situation was never a freedom of speech vs. workplace norms issue,” wrote another. “It’s freedom of the press to call it like they see it.”

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Afterwards, a third person specified why he agrees with Hill. “Trump said there are good Nazis, kicks transgendered individuals out of the military and disrespects Muslims,” wrote Twitter user Tony Posnanski. “Where was Jemele Hill wrong?”

On the other side of the debate, some called ESPN hypocritical for not letting the popular TV host go.

“If a white person said something like Jemele Hill said about Obama, you would fire them,” one person tweeted. “Why is she still working with ESPN.”

Then on Wednesday (Sept. 13), the National Association of Black Journalists issued a statement and said they fully support Hill and she did nothing wrong.

“The NABJ supports Hill’s First Amendment rights on all matters of discussion, within and outside the world of sports, as they do not impinge on her duties as a host and commentator,” the statement read.

So far, Hill hasn’t addressed the firestorm. Plus, some might find it surprising that President Trump hasn’t responded to her on Twitter, since he often tries to defend himself on the social media platform.

You can see some of the Twitter debate on all of this below.

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