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Jason Whitlock Has Twitter Rolling Its Collective Eyes Over Colin Kaepernick Stunt

Jason Whitlock Colin Kaepernick

Jason Whitlock just can’t stop chiding Colin Kaepernick. (FS1 Screenshot/Facebook)

Jason Whitlock, we know you’re not the biggest fan of Colin Kaepernick’s method of political activism.

But why did you have to go and do this?

The “Speak For Yourself” sports commentator happily tweeted Tuesday, Sept. 5, about having Kaepernick, a free-agent quarterback, in the studio. Except, the athlete who refused to stand for the national anthem last season wasn’t actually there. However, a bearded, afro-wearing man, who many thought was white, was.

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Twitter users understandably took issue with over the portrayal.

Fellow FS1 sportscaster Shannon Sharpe also had a problem with the skit. Looks like Whitlock could have to answer to the network head when Sharpe is through with him.

However, TMZ reported the fake Kaepernick is actually Kid, whose real name is Christopher Reid, from Kid n Play.

For all the controversy, Whitlock issued this snippy response.

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