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Cardi B Gets Slammed for Calling Dark-Skinned Black Women ‘Roaches’

Cardi B also reportedly made disparaging remarks about transgender people last year. (Jason LaVeris/FilmMagic)

“Love & Hip Hop” star Cardi B is brushing off criticism stemming from a Twitter user reposting tweets of her calling dark-skinned Black women roaches.

The “Bodak Yellow” rapper posted a video after June’s BET Awards as evidence of her innocently using the term “roach” on herself. It was accompanied by a series of tweets defending her actions.

In one tweet that has since been removed, the star admitted she made the reference, “along ass time ago,” according to The BoomBox.

“I’m not going to be getting crucified every time n—– want to defame me f— outta here,” she wrote.

The tweets gained traction Wednesday, Aug. 9, when a Twitter user named Jumah posted them.

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Check out thread on twitter (its longer) indeed we as Black women dont need a man to address this issue for us but pay attention more to the message than the messenger. I like #CardiB but wrong is wrong. She has been criticized for saying tranny she apologized for that but many sisters were waiting for her to apologize & address/realize the colorism issues she has. However her response was a poor idc. She needs to ask herself why she only addresses Black dark women online as roaches never light ones or dark men. We not looking to hate on her so this critique isnt rooted in hatred for Cardi B therefore looking for anything to bring her down. Nah we wanna see her win but again wrong is wrong. P.s using the excuse of oh its a new york thing (calling other women roaches) is poor so being ignorant is a ny thing then? Nah learn from this

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Fans soon began hilariously expressing their irritation about the unflattering insult online. Check out their reactions below.

But some defended the star and won’t stop supporting her.

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