Winnie Harlow Responds to Accusations of Body Shaming: ‘That’s Something I Would Never Do’

Winnie Harlow has become known for embracing her vitiligo in her modeling career.

Winnie Harlow wants you to know a story about her making fun of someone’s body isn’t what it seems.

The model, who is famous for her vitiligo, cleared up rumors that she made fun of a man with a big belly while vacationing on the Grecian island of Mykonos Wednesday, July 12.

“Normally [I] don’t respond to false stories but wanted [to] address one that appeared today which said I was mocking a stranger over their appearance in ‘yellow swim pants,'” she wrote on Instagram taking aim at a story in the Daily Mail that accused her of “fat-shaming.” “Sorry to disappoint y’all but that’s something I would never do. Tabloids will always look for your downfall, even if it means making things up without fact checking.”

Harlow explained the man in question was named Terry, whom she refers to as her uncle, and he was intentionally making his stomach protrude even more for photos. Harlow and Terry are on a group vacation with her boyfriend, Lewis Hamilton, who the Daily Mail confirmed is Terry’s nephew, and are spending time on a yacht where the controversial clip was taken.

In an Instagram video, Harlow playfully poked fun at Terry, writing “Sexy views. You’re welcome.”

The clip resulted in Twitter users accusing Harlow of being a hypocrite.

In the aftermath, Harlow thanked her fans for their support after they brought the Daily Mail article to her attention.

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