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Winnie Harlow Draws Social Media’s Wrath with ‘Joke’ About Another Model’s Natural Hair

Models Winnie Harlow and Duckie (Instagram/@winnieharlow/@duckieofficial)

Models Winnie Harlow and Duckie (Instagram/@winnieharlow/@duckieofficial)

Former “America’s Next Top Model” contestant Winnie Harlow debuted her freshly natural hair Nov. 27, but things turned ugly once she cruelly joked about another model’s tresses.

Harlow’s fans praised her afro on Instagram, but when she shared her new ‘do with her sister on Snapchat, the two traded joking insults about their hairstyles. According to a video and screenshot obtained by Fameolous, Harlow’s sister said Harlow’s hair looked like french fries. In response, Harlow sent her sister a photo of South Sudanese-Australian model Duckie.

“LMFAO! WHAT ARE THOOOOOSEEEEE cauliflower a– head,” Harlow wrote in the caption.


In reaction, social media went up in flames.

@scorpioluv32 blamed Harlow’s post on her poor self-esteem.


@biggergeh demanded Harlow improve her modeling skills rather than feeling angry.


@luxxe_senoritas deemed the 22-year-old a fake model. insta-winnie-harlow-comment-1

Harlow said she eventually apologized away from the public eye, blaming the situation on a joke and declaring she did so “right when it was known that feelings were hurt.”

“My joke was about a short ponytail, and had nothing to do with race, texture or skin.” she wrote in the caption. “I have a short ponytail, too. I’ve worn my natural hair, braids, twists, etc., all my life and have had my hair burn off from my job, so her struggle with hair is also my struggle.”

But Twitter didn’t think Harlow’s message was sincere.

Briana questioned how an image detailing the model’s joke could have been misconstrued.

Mya thought Harlow should have apologized to Duckie for all to see.

Duckie caught wind of the uproar and posted a message reflecting on her hesitation over participating in the Dinosaur Design company’s campaign and exposing her real hair.

“It’s not fun being bullied for something you can’t control and to have a top model woman of color, who I thought encouraged acceptance and self-love, call me out for rocking my natural hair isn’t cool at all,” Duckie wrote in part.  “Throw all the shade you want, but you played yourself with your cute little remark.”

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