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People Aren’t Here for Writer’s Accusation That Bruno Mars Is Appropriating Black Culture

Writer Jenn M. Jackson stirred controversy among Black Twitter users when she proclaimed Black people should stop praising Bruno Mars and “be more critical about the ways we understand appropriation.”

Jackson, who also is a doctoral student at the University of Chicago, went on a Twitter spree before Mars’ opening performance at the BET Awards Sunday, June 25.

Jackson acknowledged that Mars credits funk artists occasionally but says the claims that he is responsible for the genre’s resurgence is appropriation.

She said she hopes acts like Chaka Khan and George Clinton get money from Mars “giving them credit” before delving into Mars’ past influences.

Jackson concluded that other artists like Tank and Anderson .Paak were better defined as funk acts over Mars and highlighted his opening performance at a Black music awards show.

The lengthy thread spurred many to voice dissent about Jackson’s argument.

Many proclaimed they’ll continue to support Mars.

And several didn’t tolerate the diss.

However, not everyone disagreed with Jackson.

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