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Keyshia Cole Tells Mom She Doesn’t Want to Lose Her to the Streets, But Her Mom’s Response Is Heartbreaking

Keyshia Cole (left) has faced financial hardship in trying to get her mother help for her addiction. (Ray Tamarra/Getty Images)

The response Keyshia Cole got from her mother after saying she feared losing her to drugs is one no one wants to hear.

The singer tweeted fans Saturday, June 3, about a chat she had with her mother, Frankie Lons, who has been battling drug addiction since Cole was a child.

Lons appeared on VH1’s “Celebrity Rehab” beginning in 2010 and was arrested on drug possession charges the following year. Cole opened up about trying to help her mother beat her addiction in 2016, writing on Instagram that she “even went broke once putting all my money and house up to pay for mom’s rehab. Nothing has worked on my end.”

Cole said her aunt was successful in getting Lons some help and, at the time, Lons was showing improvement.

The singer’s recent revelation struck a chord with fans as many shared their experiences with their mothers and gave their support.

In responding to fans, Cole gave more info on how her mom’s words cut her.

And the singer appreciated her followers’ kindness.

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