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Wesley Snipes Goes To Career Rehab: 'Expendables 3' Role Confirmed!

Wesley Snipes has been locked up for a while. An extended time away from Hollywood can be very career damaging, so what better way could there be for Wesley Snipes to revive his fledgling acting career after being released from prison, than joining the cast of The Expendables 3?

Via Twitter, Sylvester Stallone confirmed rumors the Blade actor has signed on to star in the film, tweeting to himself, “@TheSlyStallone Wesley Snipes is BACK!!!! … …with US.”

The Expendable films are known from bringing defunct action heroes back to the silver screen. In other words, we can call the franchise a career rehab for action icons from an earlier time.Though, Snipes may be much younger than the other cast members, he sure could use some acting redemption from  Expendables 3 to get back into the swing of things.


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