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This ‘Carmichael Show’ Actress Has An Idea About How Black People Can Strike Back Against Noose Hangers

“Carmichael Show” actress Tiffany Haddish says the appearance of nooses at two Washington D.C., museums is a tactic to strike fear in Black Americans.

“They might be the people that don’t have a lot of pigment in their skin,” Haddish tells TMZ Thursday, June 1, “and they’re probably scared like, ‘Oh no. These people of color that we enslaved for so long and we have tried to suppress and tried to lock up and make money off of are starting to excel. What can we do? Let’s strike fear back up in ’em.'”

A noose was found hanging near the Hirshhorn Museum Saturday, May 27, and four days later, another was discovered in a segregation exhibit at the National Museum of African American History and Culture.

Haddish said Black people now have the knowledge to fight back and have “just as much power behind us as you got behind you.”

“[Hanging a noose is] somebody trying to strike fear in people and say, ‘We’re coming for you, we’ll kill you if we have to if you get too powerful,'” she says before speculating about what Black people can do to hit back.

“I don’t know what. Sprinkle some crackers on somebody’s lawn?” Haddish jokes. “I don’t know. I don’t know what to do.”

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