‘The Bachelorette’ Contestant Locks Twitter Account After Racist, Prejudiced Tweets Are Exposed

Lee Garrett describes himself as a “romantic” on “The Bachelorette” web page. (ABC)

ABC’s newest season of “The Bachelorette” features the first Black lead, but one of her potential suitors might be a network plant cast solely to boost ratings.

Lee Garrett, a 30-year-old Nashville resident, describes himself as “pleasantly offensive” on his Twitter biography. But if some of his tweets from the past two years are to be believed, he is more than that — much more.

A screenshot of one of his tweets, posted by a Twitter user named Erika from his now-private account, takes aim at the NAACP.

And there are others that disparage Black political organizations.

Garrett also purportedly spewed hateful tweets about women, Islam, Muslims and the LGBT community.

The tweets, which ABC has declined to comment on, have led to speculation about why ABC included someone who is supposedly a bigot in a competition featuring a Black potential suitor.

One called for ABC to nix Garett from the competition.


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