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Adrienne Makes Amends with 3LW Bandmate Naturi: ‘I Genuinely Never Met Any Harm Toward You’

Adrienne Houghton says she “never meant any harm” toward her former 3LW bandmate Naturi Naughton during the group’s split 15 years ago.

The pair reunited on Houghton’s talk show “The Real,” where she revealed she apologized in private to Naughton, who stars on “Power,” years ago.

“When I look at you, I think of my teenage years,” Houghton says to Naughton Thursday, May 25. “We literally grew up together … and I thank God for the time that I got to actually talk to you. A few years back, we had actually seen each other at an Us Weekly party and we sat down and we talked everything out and I was able to apologize to you. … There was a lot that went on at that time that now looking back, it’s just like, we were so young and it was crazy and [I said] that I genuinely, from the bottom of my heart, never meant any harm toward you and that I think you’re talented and beautiful. … We had that moment together privately.”

Naughton alleged 3LW’s third member, Kiely Williams, tossed food in her face during an argument between Naughton and Williams’ mother, who was their manager at the time, which ultimately led to the group’s demise in 2002.

“All Adrienne did was defend her and say that she had every right to hit me,” Naughton told Wendy Williams that year. “And I say, ‘No, she has no right to hit me or to throw anything in my face.”

“It was crazy ’cause when … you know, going through what I went through with the group, it wasn’t easy, it was a hard time,” Naughton now says to Houghton. “And everything with being a teenager and being criticized and I went through a time where I didn’t really think I could make it. And I appreciate your apology because it’s just humility. And at it the end of the day, we have to love and support each other. It’s not an easy business and we have to uplift — particularly young girls.”

Naughton and Houghton agreed it was fear that drove their rift.

“The truth is, we were kids and the adults in the situation did what they did, but thank God I’m here and we’re just living life and moving forward,” Naughton says.

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