French Montana Apologizes After Explosive Debate Erupts Over His Vulgar Diss Towards Woman

French Montana explained he was only trying to defend himself when he called a woman’s hair “nappy.” (J. Kempin/Contributor/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images)

French Montana is in hot water after his expletive-laden reply to a woman caused a debate among the public about his race and how he gets to talk about Black people.

User @artdecoxxx, a Black woman, tweeted less than favorably about French Wednesday, April 4. Even though the rapper wasn’t tagged in the message, it caught his attention.

French took the opinion personally, lashing out at the woman and deeming her box-braided hair “nappy.”

Many quickly tore into the Moroccan-born emcee, wondering why he used “nappy” to slight the woman.

That led to a debate about whether or not French is considered Black, stemming from his nationality.

Some thought there should be no debate over whether or not French is Black.

Others didn’t understand the uproar over French’s diss since he has used the n-word in his music.

French responded to the uproar and declared he was not anti-Black, pointing to his son as the reason why.

Hours later, French apologized and noted he was once married to a Black woman.

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