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Young Thug Calls Airline Attendants ‘Ants’ and ‘Peasants’ with ‘Nappy Hair’

Controversial rapper Young Thug is at the center of a social media maelstrom after video of him berating airline employees surfaced.

In a Dec. 7 video obtained by TMZ, the rapper verbally harassed Alaska Airlines employees while he waited during a 45-minute layover for his flight from Atlanta to Seattle. The clip begins with the rapper showing off a Bentley bag full of cash. He then walks over to the counter to address the alleged rude employees.

“These two ants are so rude,” he says, as an attendant asks to not be recorded. “These two ants are so rude. They’re peasants. They saying their manager is on the way. … Your manager is a peasant. Y’all ants. I’ll give y’all bum a– hoes $15,000 a piece to quit your job.”

After belittling the women, Young Thug orders his cameraman to capture the women’s hair in attempt to further demean them. “Their hair is nappy as a motherf—er,” Thug says. “They look like Africans. … Call every officer you want to call.”

His disparaging remarks left a bad taste in many Twitter users’ mouths.

User Trey Martin 213 reminded the rapper that he is in no position to criticize anyone because of his questionable past lifestyle choices.

User Chihiro Ogino pointed out that the rapper should remember that his mother is no different than the women he insulted.

Twitter user Amanda said idolizing rappers like Young Thug is the real issue.

Niso was just shocked at the rapper’s obvious self-hate.

A user calling himself SoufAtlantaSanta called out the hypocrisy of fans celebrating Thug’s music, even though he has historically disrespected Black women.

User Spiritual Nerd urges Black people to reevaluate the rappers they support.

User Reggie wants Young Thug to look in the mirror before critiquing anyone’s appearance.

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