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Angela Rye Quickly Shuts Down Joe Walsh’s ‘Bigot’ Comments About Obama

Angela Rye isn’t standing down from conservative radio host Joe Walsh after he claimed former President Barack Obama was “held to a lower standard [because] he was Black.”

The pair’s heated discussion began off air when Republican Joe Walsh, a former Illinois congressman, disagreed with CNN political commentator Rye’s comment that Obama “had to be the next best thing to Jesus” during his presidency.

“That is what makes you a bigot, Joe,” Rye said on CNN’s “Newsroom” when Walsh admitted to his tweet about Obama’s race meaning he supposedly had an easier time in the White House.

When asked who the “we” in Walsh’s initial tweet was, he replied, “The ‘we’ is all of us. The ‘we’ is the media, the ‘we’ is white liberals.”

“Angela, are you gonna let me speak or not?” Walsh said after Rye interrupted him.

“Are you gonna say something while your mouth is moving?” Rye swiftly replied.

Walsh went on to stand firm on his point, saying Obama was not criticized or vetted the way every other president had been.

“So, is Donald Trump’s standard lower than Barack Obama’s?” Rye asked. “Please tell me you see that.”

Walsh claimed neither President Trump or Obama had political experience, leading Rye to rattle off a list of Obama’s credentials, including working as a constitutional law professor and serving in the Illinois Senate.

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