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2 thoughts on “Bernie Sanders Makes Insightful Statements on Just How Racist Republicans Were to President Obama

  1. Hilliary and Bill Clinton too. They were just as bad as the Republican.

    See ColorofChange, James Rukus article on Huffington Post today, talking about and proving how Bill Clinton and Hilliary, through out the Obama and Clinton campaign made racist statements about Obama, and lying staements about Obama , and Hilliary had on one occassion apologied to Obama, and Obama told her it was a nice thing to do, but was meaningless.

    Obama telling HC that, is the same thing all the HC supporters should be saying to her, what she says she has done for the black community is a bunch of made up lies. Do these people read? The facts are there, read them. Facts are truths, something you can prove, we are not saying anything about the lying woman that cannot be proven. Like science you can prove it. Please let us be critical thinkers.

  2. N Cory Gable says:

    obvious pandering, he will be forgotten as soon as PRESIDENT TRUMP takes office

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