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Angela Rye Has the Absolute Best Reactions to Giuliani’s Inability to Stay on Topic Regarding Trump

On Sunday’s edition of CNN’s “New Day,” political commentator Angela Rye and former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani spar over Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump’s relationship with Russia and Vladimir Putin.

Rye suggests that Trump’s taxes could show that he has financial ties to Russian businessmen.

“There also seems to be the this love affair with Putin and Trump,” Rye points out. “They are constantly complimenting one another. And I think that a reasonable person would ask questions.”

However, the former mayor sees no need for Trump to release his taxes.

“The reality is your taxes wouldn’t tell you whether or not you have investments from Russia,” Giuliani says. “There are a lot of Russians who are anti-Putin who have invested in the United States. I happen to represent some of them.”

Rye laughs at Giuliani’s attempt to defend Trump.

“If it takes you this long to explain it,” Rye retorts, “you’ve got a challenge on your hands.”

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