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Man Recognized by N.J. City Council for Ending Teen Fight Tearfully Gives Credit to His Mother

A video originally meant as a vehicle for teen fame led to 26-year-old Ibn Ali Miller being honored at an Atlantic City, N.J., City Council meeting for breaking up a fight.

Miller’s viral good deed was recognized Thursday, March 23, after one of the kids involved, Jamar Mobley, posted the video on his Facebook page earlier that week, WPVI reported.

“People get 15 minutes of fame a lot,” Miller said choking back tears. “And I would like to use every second of the 15 minutes to send gratitude to my mother.”

The clip of Miller talking the teens out of brawling has been seen more than 28 million times and drew reactions from the likes of NBA superstar LeBron James. Miller credited his mother for teaching him to make the right decisions.

“When we were young, she’d put pretzel sticks across the table,” Miller said. “She said those pretzel sticks are the right path, and the rest of the table is the wrong path, and that it’s very, very difficult to stay on the right path.”

“One thing I always told them in making decisions is think about the best thing that can happen and worst thing that can happen,” Miller’s mother, Sabrina Winters, said. “Because either side has consequences.”

Mobley and Sheldon Ward, the other teen in the fight, thanked Miller for stopping them from continuing.

“A couple days ago, I was thinking it was cool to fight in front of my friends or I need this fame,” Mobley said. “But, it really doesn’t mean nothing at all, so I want to say thank you again.”

Miller said he hopes the video will inspire others “to do more character building because that’s what these young kids need.”

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