LeBron James Apologizes to Wife Savannah for Putting His Pursuit of Greatness Ahead of Her, Their Children

LeBron James and his wife, Savannah Brinson, are the parents of two boys, who have inherited their dad’s athleticism, and a baby girl. (@mrs_savannahrj/Instagram).

Three-time NBA champion LeBron James gave a rare glimpse into his personal life when he said he’s apologized to his wife for sacrificing his family to achieve career success.

The Cleveland Cavaliers guard told teammates Richard Jefferson and Channing Frye about his drive to become the greatest in the league, saying he’s “addicted to the process” of getting to the top. He realized he placed his high school sweetheart, Savannah Brinson, whom he wed in 2013, and their three children on the back burner.

“I just told my wife the other day, I apologized to her.” James said on the Monday, March 6, episode of “Road Trippin’ with RJ & Channing, hosted by Cavs sideline reporter Allie Clifton. “She was like, ‘What are you apologizing for?’ I said, ‘Because the journey that I’m on to want to be the greatest to ever play this game or to the point where no one ever forgets what I accomplished, I’ve at times lost the fact of how important you are to this whole thing. … I want you to understand that along this journey while I’m playing this game, there will be times that I lose the fact of how important you and my three kids are — my babies are.’ ”

James also discussed his forays into the entertainment industry, including his multimedia athletics platform, Uninterrupted, which “The Road Trippin'” is now a part of.

“To be able to actually produce shows and produce movies and write scripts and things of that nature, to see them come to fruition and see them on TV … that’s great,” he said, noting season two of NBC game show “The Wall” will have 10 more episodes than the first, and Starz’s “Survivor’s Remorse” is returning for a fourth season.

“It’s things that I thought of when I was a kid watching ‘The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air,’ watching ‘The Cosby Show,'” he said. “To see things coming together is pretty cool.”

The four-time MVP also said he looks at his businesses with the same mindset as he does while he’s on the court by focusing on knowledge.

“I just think about everything,” James said. “I gotta be very candid and educated about it before I actually execute [a business plan]. And I’m the same way with basketball. I think about the game so much and ways we can be better, ways I can help the team to put us in the best possible position to be successful on the floor to win a ballgame.

“So it’s not just me going on plan and it’s the same thing with me as a businessman, too.”

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