Neighborhood Man Receives Praise from Community, LeBron James for Stopping Teen Fight

You’ve likely seen teen Internet fight videos across social media, but you’ve probably never seen one end like this.

A clip posted by high school student Jamar Mobley has gone viral after a neighborhood man broke up a fight between Mobley and Sheldon Ward. The two were surrounded by a group of several other teens in Atlantic City, N.J., recording the scuffle on their phones when the man NBC10 identified as Ibn Ali Miller approached and caused Mobley and Ward to separate.

“Everybody with your phones out, all y’all, y’all the real cowards. Record that, too … Look, she’s smiling and laughing,” the 26-year-old Miller says, directing his attention to 15-year-old Mobley. “Look, he got a big smile on his face, little bruh. They all laughin’, little bruh.”

Mobley explained he fought Ward because of a text that Miller described as “ill-advised.” Mobley later revealed to NBC10 it was a misunderstanding over a girl.

“Y’all almost men. Y’all ain’t kids no more. Y’all girls ain’t little girls no more. … Start acting like it, yo,’ he told the group of about 11 teens. “We ain’t gon’ get nowhere like this. … “Y’all got parents. Don’t make your parents look like this.”

Miller went on to say the teens’ neighborhood is a nice one and identified some of the kids’ parents whom he knew, including one whose father is spending life in prison.

“You think it’s a game out here? Ain’t no game out here! It’s real out here, little bruh!” he added.

The clip wrapped with Miller telling the formerly brawling teens to shake hands before he leaves them, and they do before beginning to walk away.

Mobley told NBC Philadelphia that one portion of Miller’s speech stuck out to him the most.

“He explained that all my friends, who I thought were my friends, all of them just wanted to see a fight,” he said.

“I want to say thank you for everything,” Mobley added of Miller, who wishes to remain out of the spotlight. “You made me think about a lot.”

While Miller didn’t want the attention on him, his friend Ramal Ford sung his praises.

“What he did was pretty indicative of what I’ve come to know from him as a person,” Ford told NBC10. “I applaud him. He understood how to deescalate the situation and sometimes it’s just the right words.”

Since Mobley posted the video Monday, March 20, it has been shared 690,000 times and attracted the attention of LeBron James.

“That was crazy,” Mobley said of the NBA superstar’s tweet. “It happened like overnight! When I saw LeBron James I’m like, ‘That’s crazy!’ People die just to use his shoes and he retweeted something I posted? That’s crazy!”

Others have saluted Miller for stopping the streetfight.

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