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Oprah Shuts Down Idea of 2020 Run for President

Oprah Winfrey says she never thought a presidential run was in the cards for her. That is, until politically inexperienced Donald Trump’s stunning upset in the 2016 election briefly made her reconsider.

“I never considered the question, even a possibility,” Winfrey tells the host of “The David Rubenstein Show: Peer-to-Peer Conversations” during a Wednesday, March 1, appearance. “I thought, ‘Oh gee, I don’t have the experience, I don’t know enough.’ … And now I’m thinking, ‘Oh.'”

During the segment, Rubenstein asked if Winfrey thought she would be able to break the presidential glass ceiling for women, “given the popularity you have.” And while the idea of the OWN network CEO running for the highest office in the land was met with hearty applause from the studio audience, Winfrey shut down the speculation moments later.

“No, that won’t be happening,” she says. “But, I mean, I did used to think you had to know so much more than I thought you had to know.”

Twitter users latched on to the first half of Winfrey’s response, eager to see the former talk show host face off against Trump.

Black Twitter was especially excited about the possibility.

Others weren’t as jovial.

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