A Seemingly Innocent Observation Keri Hilson Made Quickly Goes Left as Some Men Can’t Take a Joke

keri hilson


Keri Hilson seems to have unintentionally opened a can of worms when she tweeted that white guys are starting to get into her.

“I glanced thru DM requests on IG for the first time in months 🧐and my biggest takeaway is this: Since when did white men start diggin’ the kid? …🤔” she tweeted jokingly Sunday, April 22.

Then, when a Twitter user offered up an explanation, the “Knock You Down” singer continued by feigning surprise that white guys like a nice derrière.

“😂 Wait…white guys like booties? I mean mine’s just a cute lil tush. But white guys? Speak on it.”

And speak on it they did. Hilson was met with lots of feedback from white guys praising her.

“I been chasing @KeriHilson since ‘Energy;’ just favorite my tweet once 😭,” someone tweeted.

“You had me mixed up since I was making my buddies watch the ‘Love in this Club’ video in ’08!” someone else said.

“Yeah you’re pretty much perfect 🤷🏽‍♂️🔥 and I’m white as hell,” someone else responded.

Yet things began taking a turn when it appeared that Black men felt Hilson was proclaiming she has no interest in Black guys.

“@KeriHilson open up your DMs so I can shoot my shot 😂,” someone tweeted before Hilson urged him to hit her up later.

And others — including Black women — kept weighing in as responses devolved into accusations that Hilson dates white men exclusively.





That’s when Hilson finally stepped in to clarify her joke for all those who got things wrong.

“Lmaoooo!! Yall remember that telephone game?” she tweeted. “How did me joking about white men in my DM’s turn into ‘She’s dating a white man?’ I’m SUPER single for the record — Idc if he’s Black, blue or purple — if he’s a man of great character, loyal & deserving of my heart & treats me right…”

“Let’s settle this now before any blogs take the dramatic approach,” he continued in another tweet.” I like MEN. Fine men. Good men. I’m single. (Annnd…deliriously jetlagged). But plz read the whole thread from my initial tweet…jokes.

“I said nothing offensive. Didn’t down any race,” she added. “Didn’t even mention a preference. I put ol’ dude on pause purely for the sake of THAT particular conversation…directed questions to white men…just returning love to the white men who think I neglected their advances. 😂 g’nite!”

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