Twitter Doesn’t Take Kindly to India.Arie Sticking Up for Chrisette Michele’s Inauguration Performance

India.Arie and Chrisette Michele (Harrywad/@terranativemusic/Instagram)

Singer India.Arie tweeted a lengthy open letter defending Chrisette Michele for performing at Donald Trump’s inauguration and many Twitter users trashed her for it.

In a message titled “I Stand Up for @ChriseteM,” the “Breathe” singer said she did not agree with Michele singing for Trump, but she respected her ability to choose to do so.

“Agree or disagree with Chrisette, she is A HUMAN BEING — nuanced and multi-dimensional,” Arie said. “Give her a chance to be everything that she is, and YOU take a chance to remember — you’ve made missteps too. Which is how I SEE this thing with Chrisette — a misstep. I think there is a deeper reason she decided to be there.”

On the backlash Michele received over her performance, which she defended multiple times, Arie said Twitter users should watch the way they condemn the Rich Hipster label creator.

“I’m not saying we shouldn’t say ANYTHING!” she wrote. “I AM SAYING, [LETS] LOOK AT HOW WE ARE SAYING WHAT WE SAY. Why the abuse? and the ‘Canceling Chrisette Michele in 2017?’ and all of that? Come on, guys. 
I think the WAY we are responding is … EXTREME — and I think the reason WHY is so extreme, is that it’s misplaced FEAR and Anger. Chrisette is a trigger for our fear — not the cause nor should she be the focus of it.

Singer Anthony David also shared his thoughts on the matter in a call to Arie, which the singer-songwriter shared in her letter.

“It’s EASIER for Black Twitter to attack one lone Black woman,” he said before admitting he would have performed, too, “and ‘shut her down’ rather than face the ‘proverbial enemy SHE met, face to face. And so I stand with her behind her and on any other side'”

On Arie’s admission about a friend who voted for Trump, Michele responded on Twitter to further clear up her decision and thank her fellow singer for the support.

Arie concluded her letter with a call to “love our sister.” Twitter, however, didn’t feel the same way and lashed out.

India.Arie didn’t let the negativity bother her.

Others backed the singer’s stance.

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