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Black Twitter Turns Yahoo Typo Into Hilarious Hashtag; As Usual, White People Try to Ruin It

Once again, Black Twitter has managed to turn an unfortunate situation into pure hilarity.

Late Thursday night, Yahoo Finance mistakenly tweeted a headline that read, “Trump wants a much n—-r navy: Here’s how much it’ll cost.” The major error quickly sent Black Twitter into a frenzy, but instead of being angry, social media users managed to flip the gaffe into a comical hashtag that took the platform by storm.

Hashtag #NiggerNavy promptly began trending on the popular social media site, as Yahoo Finance scrambled to delete the racially offensive tweet. It took the tech company nearly 20 minutes to realize its blunder and issue an apology, but by that time, the uproarious hashtag had already taken off.

By early Friday morning, Black Twitter and #NiggerNavy were No. 1 trending topics, and for obvious reasons.

Social Media user @Hello_From_MARS suggested that if Black America had its own Navy, All Lives Matter supporters would be left to save themselves.

User @brownlashon figured it was time for the national anthem to be upgraded from a slow march to a classic hip-hop banger.

Thanksgiving dinner in the #NiggerNavy would probably be late hitting the table, according to @20JC13.

And for some, the #NiggerNavy was an ode to Black Mothers everywhere.

However, in the midst of the laughable reactions, a few white critics made it known that they didn’t find the faux pas funny at all, and even deemed Black Twitter “racist” for successfully turning a racial slur into something to poke fun at.

But Black Twitter quickly clapped back at its haters for falsely accusing them of being racist towards … themselves? Moreover, many social media users noted that white people were likely angry because they couldn’t join in on the Twitter fun without being deemed racists themselves.

Other users pointed out the hypocrisy of it all, noting how bitter white critics were quick to call African-Americans racist while seemingly forgetting the race-based atrocities they’ve committed against people of color for centuries.

Still, many users lauded the resiliency of the Black community as a whole, applauding its ability to cackle in the in face of racism and bigotry.

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