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Angela Yee Vehemently Denies Pursuing Gucci Mane, Much to the Delight of the Twitterverse

Gucci Mane revealed he had a history with radio host Angela Yee during an interview Friday, Dec. 16, but when Yee denied it, Twitter began taking sides.

The rapper stopped by The Breakfast Club to promote his new album, “The Return of East Atlanta Santa,” and while he discussed his time in prison and his impact on hip-hop, many latched onto Yee’s dismissal of an attempted sexual encounter with Gucci.

“We had already had a history,” Gucci said.

While both agreed they never actually had sex, Yee put down Gucci’s statement about her keen interest in him back in the day. “She done tried,” the rapper said of Yee’s attempts. “She was on my d— back then.”

Although Yee said Gucci was lying, he stuck by his remark. “You did use to be texting me asking, ‘What hotel you was at?’ and s— like that,” he said.

Yee continued to dismiss Gucci, saying, “You must’ve got me confused with somebody else.”

The back-and-forth did not go unnoticed online. Twitter users swiftly shared their thoughts on the situation. Many poked fun at Yee’s attempts to deny her alleged pursuit of Gucci.

Neu_era referenced a meme about confronting an habitual liar to show the MC’s reaction to the radio personality’s claim.

Ced pointed out the moment Yee knew she was in trouble.

Jefe Quayson felt Yee should have created a distraction and bounced.

Still, other Twitter users felt Yee was the one who needed support.

Princess,K thought Gucci was in the wrong for bringing up old dirt.

Cookie Targaryen pointed out Yee’s co-hosts, Charlamagne Tha God and DJ Envy, consistently hang her out to dry.

Yac House P seemed to straddle the fence on the veracity of Gucci’s claim.

Ismael AbduSalaam thought the whole situation was much ado about nothing.

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