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Radio Host Peter Rosenberg Proclaims Charlamagne Isn’t ‘Good for the Culture’ After Meeting with Tomi Lahren

Peter Rosenberg, Tomi Lahren and Charlamagne Tha God (Instagram)

Peter Rosenberg, Tomi Lahren and Charlamagne Tha God (Instagram)

Radio host Peter Rosenberg blasted Charlamagne Tha God after learning about a meeting between the fellow radio host and TheBlaze host Tomi Lahren. In a series of tweets, Rosenberg deemed Charlamagne the “devil” and said he wasn’t “good for the culture.”

On Saturday, Dec. 3., Rosenberg said the public should be more aware of the harm he believed The Breakfast Club host had caused for Blacks. Rosenberg posted a screenshot of a TMZ video where Black Lives Matter champion and Donald Trump opponent Charlamagne met with Lahren, who supports Trump and criticizes BLM. In the clip, Charlamagne explains such a meeting between opposing minds is necessary for racial progress.

“You have to learn to have discourse with people you don’t necessarily agree with,” Charlamagne said. “I’m not gonna learn about her world and she’s not gonna learn about mine if we don’t have conversations.”

The meeting is a change from the pair’s prior interactions. Charlamagne deemed Lahren “the donkey of the day” in August after she accused quarterback Colin Kaepernick of blaming white people for Black issues.

Rosenberg called Charlamange out as a result of his latest interactions with Lahren.

But the Hot 97 host didn’t only come for Charlamange, he also challenged The Daily Show host Trevor Noah. His tweet referred to Noah’s latest conversation with Lahren on his show last week, where the two discussed the conservative pundit’s views on BLM Dec. 1. During the discussion, Lahren compared BLM to the Ku Klux Klan and proclaimed, “I don’t see color.”

He then again took aim at The Breakfast Club host, likening him to a demonic character — who wears makeup.

Later, Rosenberg noted he had warmed up to Noah, but that changed when he learned of Noah’s post-show meet-up with Lahren, also reported by TMZ.

The radio personality denied the need for conversations with Lahren, whom he described as ignorant and divisive.

He also alluded to Lahren’s looks being responsible for her notoriety.

Others online seemed to agree with Rosenberg.

Johnathan said both meetings were all for show.

@Chuck_mate_ celebrated Twitter’s response.

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