SWV Singer’s Son Alleged Victim of Racist Bullying in School: ‘This Will Not be Tolerated!’

Coko and her son Jalen Clemons (@cokoclemons/Instagram)

Coko and her son Jalen Clemons (@cokoclemons/Instagram)

Former SWV lead singer Coko said bullies used racist language against her son, underscoring recent racist incidents in schools across the country.

Coko’s youngest son, 8th-grader Jalen Clemons, faced bigoted hate speech at his school in Chesapeake, Virginia. Two separate racist incidents occurred, one passively and the other face to face.

On Instagram Nov. 16, Coko posted an image of scrawlings found on the bathroom wall of the school. They contained the n-word and two other expletives. In the caption, Coko went on to detail a confrontation her son had with two other students.

“On the bus, two white boys were sitting behind him calling him a ‘n—-‘ and ‘n—–,’ ” Coko said, noting Clemons was called two versions of the n-word, one ending in “a” and the other in “er.”

“Now, I’m going to the school because this will not be tolerated! I’m not here for this bulls— AT ALL!!! I’m mad as HELL!!!!”


Coko did not reveal the name of the school her 13-year-old attends but said in the comments she was documenting her issues.

In the meantime, many commentators agreed that there has been an increase in racist incidents like Clemons experienced.

User @syleenajohnson took her son’s bullying issue to the Board of Education after classmates called him a “stupid little Black boy.”


@soulnstilletos shared that her daughter faced harassment at her Virginia Beach, Virginia, school.

coko-son-racist-bully-2And @dutch4riclamar remarked on how the Chesapeake school system had remained unchanged.


@freda_wilson pointed to the recent election of Donald Trump as the reason why many children are feeling okay about acting on racist beliefs.


And when another commentator tried to steer clear of blaming racist incidents on the president-elect, Coko said Trump’s election exposed what was already present.


The massive number of racial incidents in schools being reported nationwide backs up Coko’s reasoning.

Atlanta Black Star reported hundreds of hate crimes have occurred in the days following the presidential election on Nov. 8. On Nov. 9, it was reported that a Minnesota high school restroom contained racist graffiti urging Black students to “go back to Africa,” and on Nov. 16, white nationalist papers imploring white women not to date Black men were found at Texas’ Southern Methodist University.

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