‘It’s Obvious the Woman Was Hurt’: Fred Hammond and Deitrick Haddon Defend Pastor Who Cussed and Called Out ‘Prophetess’ She Claims Tried to ‘Come’ Between Her and Her Husband

Pastor Jameliah Gooden of Charlotte, North Carolina, took a moment during her sermon last week to call out the woman she accused of attempting to come between her and her husband. 

In a now-viral video, Gooden can be seen addressing her flock from the pulpit, but they were not expecting their Sunday devotion to be tainted with details about her marriage. 

Jameliah Gooden addresses the church about her marital issues. (Photos: @theneighborhoodtalk/Instagram.)

The Unity Charlotte International minister kicked off her passionate speech by revealing she had gone “through hell” over the last week due to her marital woes. 

“There was a woman from Atlanta that tried to come in between me and my husband. This woman says she’s a prophetess, and she got a word from my husband,” she said in a video shared by The Neighborhood Talk. “I said naw. You ain’t got a word for him. You got a word for us, Natasha Davis.”

She received applause and remarks like, “Yesssss,” from devotees in the audience. 

“I told you. I’m not your typical first lady. This first lady fight, and if I catch you in the street, I warned you,” she continued. “I warned you. I’m a Brooklyn chick, and that will never change. I’m just an anointed Brooklyn chick and I’m coming for that ass.”

Social users began calling out Gooden over her unruly testimony. Some applauded her for airing her transgressions in the house of the Lord as encouraged, and others condemned her for sharing her dirty laundry. 

But a few came to Gooden’s defense, including Grammy-winning Gospel singer Fred Hammond who said, “The saints aint playing wit deez NEGUS!!!! You know I gotta touch this one! [laughing emoji].”

Pastor and Grammy-nominated vocalist Deitrick Haddon reshared a video of his wife, Dominque Mctyer-Haddon, emphasizing Gooden’s action. 

“She had a right to defend herself,” said Dominque, “Considering the circumstances that’s how it came out.”

“She is a woman first, but if we don’t allow believers space to be human, we’re going to act out.”

“It’s not easy to put up a front when things are in disarray. Many are in so much pain but they suck it up for the sake of ‘the ministry,’ she continued in her caption on Instagram. “First Ladies are tired of being disrespected and most times under appreciated.”

Deitrick backed his wife’s response in his caption, writing, “It’s always more than what meets the eyes. Real spiritual, kingdom minded people stand ready to love, understand, correct in love and cover when we see our brothers and sisters in a tough spot!”

He said, “It’s obvious the woman was hurt and that’s how she reacted…A Brooklyn chick that will whoop that Butt!”

Deitrick added that instead of judging social media, users should respond with sympathy, considering she came to encourage others in the midst of her own battles.

“Let you find out some preacher woman was kicking it with your husband the Saturday before you have to preach on Sunday! That message is gonna be a tough one!” he continued.

After much consideration, Gooden issued a public apology in a YouTube video on Friday, March 17. She took accountability for speaking out of turn from behind the podium and not keeping quiet on private matters at work. 

The motivational speaker began by quoting a Bible verse from Lamentation 3:21, noting that her statement was less of an apology and more of an “I’m sorry” letter.

“I’m sorry because it is a sacred desk,” she stated. “My actions as a leader should not have taken the position behind the sacred desk I should have stood in the place as a  leader. 

“But what you saw was a wife and spoke as a wife, and it is OK to speak as a wife,” said Gooden, “But its not OK to speak as a wife from an overseer’s position from the sacred desk … behind the desk.”

“Speaking from a place of humility,” the Brooklyn native said, “Anyone can give an apology but I am saying I am so sorry that I spoke out of line. That is the bottom line, I was out of line.”

She continued later, “I am a wife first. I am very human, and that doesn’t negate the fact that I wear this position as overseer.” 

Gooden then apologized to her congregation and thanked members for supporting her during this time of scrutiny. Her hope is that the public will do the same, “I love you guys. Will you forgive me?”

Gooden’s video received over 5,300 views and over 200 comments from fans who applauded her efforts of reflection and understanding why many were outraged.

“Never judged you, but I just prayed for you because I knew something or someone triggered you. You’re human and Apology accepted EFFORTLESSLY! I love you.”

Gooden married Pastor Fred D. Gooden III in 2020. She has a son and daughter from previous relationships.

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