Convenience Store Owner Learns the Hard Way That Spitting On Your Customer is a Bad Idea

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A Black customer got into a heated physical exchange with a convenience store owner after the man spit in the customer’s face.

In the short clip, the two men are in each other’s faces almost coming to blows. The customer challenges the store owner to remove him from the shop, telling him “Put me out,” but the owner does not. Instead, he spits in the man’s face.

And that’s when the fight breaks out. The owner tries to grab the man, but the camera pans away. Other customers hoot and holler as the conflict wages on. The owner attempts to swing on the man but misses and stumbles to the floor before being pummeled some more by the customer.

In just a few seconds, the customer lands several blows to the head until the owner is laid out on the floor. The bloodied owner picks himself up as the customer exits the store.

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