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Watch: Mother Confronts Couple Who Allegedly Hurled Racial Slurs at Daughter, Things Go South Quickly

A Black San Antonio, Texas teen becomes the latest victim of white rage after an encounter with a couple at a Chester’s Hamburger Co. restaurant.

In the video provided by Mediatakeout, the teen begins to record the racist encounter. She states that when she was getting her beverage, a white couple near her became angry for some undisclosed reason. They told her to “shut the f— up.” After telling her family about the disrespectful encounter, her family preceded to confront the couple.

During the encounter, the man calls the group of women “god damn n—-s.”

“You’re a f—–ing n—-r!” the white woman yells. “My ancestors owned your mother f—ing ass. My ancestors owned your ass, b—. Black people don’t belong in America.”

The teen tells her followers that racism is very real in Texas as the couple leaves after a 5-minute encounter.

“We’re monkeys, guys. That’s what they call us. They call us monkeys and n—-rs and nobody is paying attention. You know, I had to record it to let you all see. Because it’s real in San Antonio too. For everyone who thinks it’s not real, it’s real in San Antonio.”

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