Georgia Republican Has this Poor Excuse After He’s Caught Saying Black Politicians Only Bankrupt Government

A top Georgia Republican has apologized after a racially insensitive recording come out Wednesday, Sept. 28.

According to FOX 5 Atlanta, Douglas County Commission Chairman Tom Worthan was recorded making the remarks while speaking to a resident about the upcoming election. He told resident Mark Dodd that the Black Democratic sheriff’s candidate Tim Pounds would fill positions with Black people who were not qualified. Prior to their conversation two weeks ago, Dodd encountered Worthan at a gas station where the veteran politician made racist comments about the Black politicians running. One of those candidates are seeking to replace him.

However, Dodd had no proof. So the man recorded this recent conversation on his cell phone. “I’m afraid he would put a bunch of Blacks in leadership positions,” Worthan says in the video. Then, the politician adds that Blacks bankrupt governments because of their poor leadership. He also claims he would move if they won the upcoming election.

Worthan tells FOX 5 that he apologizes for his comments and that he is friends with Pounds. “I spoke as a politician, trying to say what I needed to say to get a vote,” he explains. “And that’s unfortunate. And I certainly apologize for doing that. I have many Black friends and Hispanic friends. And no, this is something that I should not have said.”

In the news clip, Pounds tells the outlet that he could not believe Worthan would say those things. Since the report, Worthan has apologized to all of the politicians he commented on and vows not to move if he loses the election.

Here is raw footage of the original recording Dodd handed over to FOX 5.

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