Texas Behavior Specialist Loses Job After Pushing, Roughing Up Black Child

A Snook, Texas behavior specialist was fired after video surfaced of him harassing a pre-kindergarten student.

Last Thursday, eighth grader Exzavier Williams recorded a 29-second video of Troy Vann pushing and pulling on a young child. Allegedly, the child would not follow instructions and out of frustration, the instructor roughed up the young boy.

In the clip, viewers can hear, “Tell me no. When I tell you to do something, you do it, boy.”

Exzavier took the video while he and the victim were in the “cool down room” for an undisclosed issue.

“The little kid didn’t want to sit in the bean bag. So the guy was getting mad and he just put him in the bean bag,” he tells KVUE.

Exzavier told his mother immediately after the incident. According to KVUE, Stacy Williams says her son turned over the video to officials, but they erased the footage. However, Exzavier backed it up.

“[He] calls me a little bit later and says that she erased the video,” Stacy Williams said.

KVUE reports that Exzavier sent the footage to another phone because he did not trust officials. After the video surfaced online, the victim’s mother, Jessica Boson, learned about her child’s harrowing experience.

“I was in disbelief because I had a phone call from the school saying it was a video but it was nothing to worry about. They were just trying to get him to sit down. When I saw the actual video, tears flooded my eyes.”

Williams and Boson have kept in touch and both plan to remove their sons from the district.

The Snook Independent School District relieved Vann of his duties immediately after finding out about the incident. Here is the district’s full statement:


Screenshot Via KVUE

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