Unbelievably Racist White Male Goes Berserk on Black Motorist for Allegedly Cutting him Off

They’ll just have to keep deleting it

Posted by Skye Lev on Monday, November 7, 2016

A Black Memphis, Tennessee motorist recorded a Donald Trump supporter’s racist tirade after the motorist allegedly cut him off Sunday, Nov. 6.

In the video, motorist Skye Lev sits on the driver’s side as the man in white casually comes over to his vehicle. Viewers can hear the Trump supporter yell and berate the Black driver claiming that the motorist put his family in danger.

The white motorist says that Lev “was right behind me, sped up drove around me and jumped in front of me.” Additionally, the man claims Lev forced him to break suddenly.

“Black lives don’t matter,” the white driver proclaims as he stands at the passenger window. “There ain’t no proof … That makes you a n—r. That proves that Black lives don’t matter.”

Moments later the man goes on insulting the driver. The Trump supporter then comments on slavery while implying that Black people are lazy.

“Black people were bought by a contract and we got ripped off because y’all should’ve got returned when there was evidence and proof that y’all couldn’t do anything.” Eventually, the man’s tirade comes to an end.

Throughout the video, the Trump supporter continued to chant the real estate’s name as if he was in a rally. However, the Black motorist concludes his recording with a political message of his own instructing people to go vote.


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