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Watch: This Road Rage Brawl, Hit and Run, Prompt Police Investigation in Houston

After video of a Houston road rage brawl surfaced online, the Harris County Sheriff’s Office launched an investigation into those involved.

According to reports from KHOU and ABC 13, the incident took place Saturday in northwest Houston at the intersection of Farm to Market Road 1960 and U.S. Highway 290.

The fight allegedly began over a right turn, ABC 13 reported on Sunday. The driver in the white sedan claimed the black Dodge Ram cut them off.

In the video recorded by eyewitness David Dao, viewers can see that the white woman approached the white sedan and the passenger threw food at her.

Then her spouse got out of the truck and engaged the Black driver of the sedan. The woman appears to try to break up the fight but she gets hit in the face instead.

All of this culminated with the driver of the Dodge Ram backing up into the sedan and driving away. Now authorities are investigating the hit and run as well as the brawl.

“I was thinking this is going to be bad,” Dao told ABC 13, whose daughter recorded the incident on her cell phone on Saturday. “At that time, I knew because there’s physical damage now.”

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