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Danny Glover Expertly Breaks Down the Importance of Haitian Revolution to Bajan Students

During an Oct. 6 speech at the oceanfront Cubana Memorial Monument in Paynes Bay, Barbados, actor and activist Danny Glover encourages students to learn from the Haitian Revolution.

The 70-year-old actor was in the Caribbean nation on the 40th anniversary of the 1976 Cubana airline bombing that claimed 73 people’s lives. The tragic incident has been recorded as one of earliest terrorist acts in this part of the world. In the short clip, Glover reminds the young audience that Haitians faced insurmountable odds but still managed to free themselves from bondage.

“… Haiti has fought and defeated the greatest armies in the world,” he starts. “The Spanish, the French and then the British … And then they defeated Napoleon’s armies… In 1804, [Haiti] declared itself an independent state. [Haiti] declared itself a sovereign state. The only time in human history a slave revolt resulted in the formation of a nation.”

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