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One thought on “Danny Glover Recalls South Carolina’s Dark History in Rousing Speech at Bernie Sanders Campaign Rally

  1. All I have to say to our black people, you owe it to yourself, to read, and have group dicsussions on the article Michelle Alexander wrote , "Why blacks should not vote for Hilliary Clinton, she is not our friend, she and her husband the only reason for all the racist crime laws that put more and more African men in prison, this is not something we made up on Hilliary, the facts are there in black in white the facts are there when you look at the prison population, especially when Bill Clinton was president more black men went to prison while he was president than any other president in history, not because of old laws, but laws he put in place, he and Hilliary created.

    Black people owe it to ourselves to help put Bernie Sanders in office he is about the people, he has gone to jail for black people rights, he has stood up for black people and for a long time. The facts are there, compare his record to Hilliary Clinton on Civil Rights for black people and you will find what she has done does not compare to Bernie Sanders. Black people got to stop giving our votes and get nothing in return. Hilliary and Obama are funded by the same Super Pacs, she is not going to do anymore for blacks than Obama, she said she will continue Obama's legacy, what legacy, not for black people. Let us be real, use our critical thinking, and make good decisions. Hilliary is a lying corrupt woman, majority of the democrats says she is not to be trusted. To vote for Hilliary will be a set back, if she gets in nothing is going to happen for blacks, after her time is up, the Republicans will take over, because the country will be in shambles, and black people know they get nothing under them either, add another 8 years plus Hilliary's 8, black people still going back not moving forward, times is going to be bad. Think of your future and especially your children.

    Bill sent all the jobs out of the country many black men worked. Do your home work.

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