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12 Little-Known Facts About the Haitian Revolution

1990-andre-normil-ceremonie-du-bois-caiman-huile-sur-toile-102x152-cm-collection-particuliere-port-au-princeOn Aug. 14, 1791, the Haitian Revolution began with the Bois Caïman ceremony, a popular voodoo ceremony. Enslaved people met in the forest to create plans to burn down plantations and start an all-out rebellion.


e417On Aug. 16, 1791, some enslaved men began setting fire to an estate and eventually told white masters about the plan to rebel and the people leading it. Many of the planters who are warned of the rebellion refused to believe it.

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10 thoughts on “12 Little-Known Facts About the Haitian Revolution

  1. Jay Contreras says:

    And the white imperialists have had it 'in' for Haiti ever since. Now that the US/Fukus axis has discovered oil reserves in Haiti & seems to have permanently installed UN troops, who brought Cholera with seems that maybe the spirit of L'Ouverture & Dessalines needs to be summoned again.

  2. Mohammed Shakur says:

    This is proof that going back to your roots is a good thing.

  3. On behalf of many Haitians, born, unborn or related, I Thank you for sharing the knowledge that many Haitians are not familiar with, simply.
    because they were diverted from the truth in the classroom.

  4. Ma'at Vulu says:

    EYE know it seems as if EYE'm always critiquing , its because EYE like the articles, just not the wording sometimes. The Bois Caïman ceremony was NOT voodoo… It was a cultural ceremony. When we teach our history we should try and use the proper terminology and NOT Amerikkkas choice for words… JMO

  5. Cecile Noel says:

    Am not haitian at all and I don't have any relative haitian at all but what I do know they took their independance from FRANCE as they said or their Revolution from FRANCE and they hate black french as well and white french but hey when you took you revolution in 1803, we black french was still fucking slaves , suffer under pressure white french and we was still slaves ok we being free in 1848 for some black was suffer segregation and still was slaves and we stay french because the law put all they iles french and you go said in usa when I come there am white fuck you, do you see am white, you see me white because we not independent as you are , then you treat me wrong , said am white, no I consider me black because who am and we all consider us black not matter which iles french we came from, simply we not independant and then if you haitian no matter what problem you get with my country France we are not responsible when you looking at us, you did not see me or my ancestor came to your land , because first we was still slaves and suffer segagretion and humiliation , today I even never get inside haiti I flue many time to french guadeloupe when I left usa, I stop many time in haiti airport before, we continue to go to french gpe , and I never get chance to know your country haiti , even after many did invited me in usa, but I find many of you to much arrogant and insulted people no matter which race they are, that why I wasn't push to want to visit your country haiti even go inside your country haiti, sad to know black like us , you as well , you will want to have a nice understanding with them haitian but that never happened , because they have their mind made can't be fixe.
    said you hate France people when thousands over you go ask immigration France to come in France or USA doesn't make any sense to hate us.
    when I born they teach me to love any race but because some race come and said openly they don't like us I already heard then push me to stay cold with them sample.

  6. I am Haïti, I am freedom.

  7. I'm haitian born and raised. Bois Caiman was a "vaudou" ceremony meaning a religious ceremony based on the vaudou faith as opposed to voodoo like the hollywood definition will have you think.

  8. You do not even know 1/4 of our secrets ones it comes to defend our country!

  9. You do not even know 1/4 of our secrets ones it comes to defend our country!

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