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Trevor Noah Humorously Explains Why Stop-and-Frisk Was Ruled Unconstitutional

On the Sept. 29 edition of Comedy Central’s “The Daily Show,” host Trevor Noah dissects Donald Trump’s proposed national stop-and-frisk policy.

In the wake of the Tulsa, Oklahoma and Charlotte, North Carolina police-involved shootings, Trump suggested that a nationwide stop-and-frisk policy would prevent police brutality. However, Noah — and critics alike — pointed out that the practice was ineffective in New York and ruled unconstitutional.

Noah says that police could stop a person for looking around. “… Because looking around is something drug dealers do. And also people who cross streets, tourists, also pigeons. In fact, the number one reason NYPD said they frisked people [is] because of something called furtive movements. It sounds like a dance class for shy people … It is any movement the police think is suspicious.”

“Think of it like the TSA,” he says. “You’re at the airport getting [a pat] down. Now, imagine instead of patting, they’re violently going through your pockets. [They are] throwing you against the wall [and] cursing you out in front of other people.”

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