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Van Jones and Angela Rye Destroy Republican Who Touts the ‘Success’ of Stop and Frisk

On the Sept. 25 edition of of CNN’s “State of the Union,” commentators Van Jones and Angela Rye hammer Trump surrogates who defend a nationwide stop-and-frisk policy.

Last week, Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump proposed the policy in the wake of two high-profile, police-involved shootings.

The proposal came about as an effort to reach out to Black voters.

However, Jones believes the real estate mogul dropped the ball in his attempt to sway Black people in recent weeks.

He tells Rep. Marsha Blackburn that stop and frisk is unconstitutional and proven ineffective.

“On the one hand, he sticks up for one of the shooting victims in Tulsa,” Jones notes. “… He turns right around and says, ‘I want stop and frisk.’ Stop and frisk is the most unpopular, the least effective and the most alienating policy — period — in policing in 20 years, found unconstitutional. And he reaches out for that.”

Rye adds that not all police are bad, but Black people’s experience with police is rooted in the 18th-century slave patrols.

“… The very treacherous history of law enforcement and Black people that [have] roots back to 1704 when you had the very first slave patrol. That is our first interaction with law enforcement. The foundation of the institution is horrible for us … So, we can’t pretend like this came out of nowhere…”

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