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Tulsa Police Chief Reveals New Details in the Shooting of #TerenceCrutcher

In a Sept. 19 news conference, Tulsa Police Chief Chuck Jordan revealed new information about the Sept. 16 police-involved shooting of 40-year-old Terence Crutcher.

According to a previous report by Atlanta Black Star, Crutcher’s car stalled in the middle of a north Tulsa road while he was leaving a local community college.

Initially, Tulsa Police spokesperson Jeanne Mackenzie said Crutcher failed to comply with police.

Mackenzie also told reporters on the scene that Crutcher did not show his hands and that he came toward officers.

However, the aerial and dash cam footage from last Friday’s shooting paints a different picture.

Footage shows the stalled motorist holding his hands up during the fatal police encounter before a taser was deployed and then a gunshot.

Jordan says officers involved in the shooting were en route to a domestic disturbance call.

“About 7:36, a call came in about an abandoned car in the middle of the road,” he starts. “[Tulsa Officer Betty Shelby] informs the dispatcher that she is not having cooperation from the person there … I’m going to tell you right here now. There was no gun on the suspect nor in the suspect’s vehicle … ”

Jordan adds that the Justice Department will also be investigating the shooting.

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