#CharlesKinsey, Fans Remind Steve Harvey That Compliance Can Still Lead to Police Brutality

On the Sept. 22 edition of “Steve Harvey,” the host talks about the dangers of driving while Black with a panel of guests.

In the clip, Harvey demonstrates how he tells his sons  to comply with police.

“When the officer approaches your vehicle put your wrist on top of the wheel,” he starts. “Spread all of your fingers out and don’t do [anything]. ”

However, many of his fans believe his instructions would not prevent future acts of police brutality.


User Coco Montrese points out that police can still kill a compliant person with little or no consequences.


But Twitter user Daniel P believes officers must earn respect in order to get it.


@BSO thinks Harvey’s instructions hearken back to the 1920s.


Furthermore, user @Wyndbhoy feels that people should not live in fear of police.


In the same episode, Harvey talks to Charles Kinsey, the North Miami behavioral therapist who complied with officers and was shot back in July.

Atlanta Black Star reported that Kinsey was helping a patient — who was believed to be armed — when an officer mistakenly shot him.

Reports later revealed the officer intended to shoot the autistic patient instead. That report remains questionable since Kinsey was placed in handcuffs.

“All of a sudden boom, ” Kinsey recalls. “… They come up to me and I asked, ‘Why did you shoot me?’ The first thing he could tell me is ‘I don’t know’… They treated me like I was a criminal.”

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