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Shannon Sharpe Nicely Reminds Cowboys Owner of His Protest to Lock Out Players 

On the Sept. 14 edition of FOX Sports One’s “Undisputed,” commentator Shannon Sharpe exposes Cowboys owner Jerry Jones for slamming Colin Kaepernick’s protest.

In the clip, Sharpe says that Jones and the other 31 owners are hypocrites for criticizing Kaepernick when they have protested as well.

“Jones and 31 other owners locked out players because they wanted something they could not get,” he starts. “In other words, the owners protested. The players were making too much of the revenue … We’re saying what you are getting is unfair to us. So we are going to lock you out and acquiesce to our demands … No money for you.”

Later on in the clip, Sharpe points out the NFL’s insistence on profiting off of everything.

He adds that owners are upset over Kaepernick, because they have not figured out how to profit from it yet.

“The NFL do an entire month for breast cancer. They can sell the pink cleats, sweatbands, and jerseys. That’s a platform … They make money off of breast cancer awareness.”

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