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Pastor Scott Calls Clinton’s Pandering to Black People ‘Blackface’


On the Aug. 26 edition of FOX News’ “Hannity,” Donald Trump supporter Pastor Darrell Scott defends his candidate’s comments calling Hillary Clinton a “bigot.”

In the clip, host Sean Hannity says that the Clinton campaign has a history of pandering to the Black voter.

“I don’t want to see the race-baiting Hillary Clinton played this week,” Hannity exclaims. “It’s disgusting, low-down dirty and should be beneath the office of the presidency …”

Then, the pastor jumps into the heated squabble between Juan Williams and Hannity.

“Bigotry does not always manifest as hatred,” Scott responds. “Bigotry can be manifested with kindness and niceness. For Hillary Clinton to imply that she has to reach down to help African-Americans, she considers African-Americans to be inferior to her.”

After Hannity shows clips of Clinton pandering to Black audiences, Scott opines that “she might as well put on blackface!”

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