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Watch: CNN Panel Erupts in Total Chaos as Trump Supporters Try to Shut Down Bakari Sellers 

On CNN Wednesday, Trump supporter Pastor Darrell Scott got into a heated debate with former South Carolina Rep. Bakari T. Sellers over Trump’s plan to stop police brutality and help the Black community while at the Republican National Convention in Cleveland, Ohio.

After speaking on the Republican presidential candidate’s behalf Wednesday, Scott tried and failed to describe Trump’s plan for police brutality.

In the nearly 12-minute clip, Sellers and Scott spar over the recent killings of Alton Sterling, Philando Castile and officers in Baton Rouge, Louisiana and Dallas.

First, Sellers defends the Black Lives Matter movement from various attacks by conservative panelists. They generalized the entire movement while stating that BLM paints all cops as racist after cases of police brutality involving Black people.

Then Scott jumps in.

“If all of this was happening under eight years of a Trump administration, we’d be blaming it on him. Obama is getting a pass … Let me tell you something, all of the stuff you read about in history books, I lived it … My very first experience with the police was getting beat up by cops when I was 11 years old.”

The pastor also says that Black people are still experiencing the same issues of unemployment, bad education and rioting as in the 1960s.

Then, Scott’s long diatribe about Black-on-Black crime gave way to Sellers’ response.

“How’s Donald Trump going to fix ’em?”

The pastor does not offer a solution and then the panel erupts into inaudible yelling and clapping.

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11 thoughts on “Watch: CNN Panel Erupts in Total Chaos as Trump Supporters Try to Shut Down Bakari Sellers 

  1. Willie Nixon says:

    Lord, help your children.

  2. I'm with you. We need some divine intervention. I'm 50 and this has got to be the weirdest year that I can recall.

  3. Willie Nixon says:

    Owen Patterson Let me be clear, I support BLM. I know when people say, "black lives matter", they are in no way implying that black life is more valuable than any other. They are protesting the system snd advocating for transparency. It's especially shamefully when other Black people don't get it! Someone his age knows first hand how Black people have been treated in the country, for generations.

  4. Willie NixonAgreed… My call for divine intervention is me throwing my hands up. I'm really at a loss for words. The black rump supporter leaves me stymied.

  5. The preacher is the classic definition of a coon. Deflecting and taking the heat off of the white people.

  6. Harry Yancey says:

    This is exactly what Satan wants us to do turn on each other and destroy our civilization.You see people I kindly like know that our battle with this racial situation is stemming from spritual demonic hatred toward mankind, and our battleshould not be against one another, but against principality on the spritual level. So, stop playing into Satan game of hatred and bickering at each other and really open up your spritual minds,and hearts to see who is at the root cause of all this division among human race. I'm aware of the little tools that Satan uses to turn us against each other,but one thing I have in my arsenal to deflect his vicious attack on me is God's word and unconditional love for my fellow human being. That's my weapons.

  7. You will never know Blondie what it means to walk in a Black person's shoes in America! Period!

  8. Jim McBride says:

    Trump and other racist willfully misunderstand that Black Lives Matter truly does mean All LIves Matter… is the first time that anyone said that Black Lives Also Matter!

  9. Renee Hep says:

    What a idiot, he goes back to 1960 and blame it all on Obama and democrates. 1960 to prsent is 56 years 28 was under Democrates and the other 28 under Republicians, please shut mouth when you defending evil and looking for tax breacks and money. Does any one know what there talking about when defending Tump. Blondie until you walk in a black shoes shut up, the person that started the lie on pigs in the blanket in a rally, came fprward and said he lied and changed the tape. Please people do your homework first

  10. Burke Candy says:

    Harry Yancey WHAT are you talking about SATAN how can you be give love to one that is unloveable one who do not seeyoustop as a human being like themselves stop praying start thinking and when you get GOD he will say well done thy good and faithful SON!!!

  11. Wow, looking at the comments on this page is awful. Name calling never fixed anything and gutter language shows how dumbed down the American people have become. Yelling over someone just shows you don't have an answer and you are part of the problem

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