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Bakari Sellers Shuts Down Trump Surrogate Who Tries to Speak for Black People

On the Aug. 18 edition of CNN’s “Anderson Cooper 360,” former South Carolina State Representative Bakari Sellers and Donald Trump spokesperson Kayleigh McEnany get into a heated exchange after she claims to speak for the Black community.

The two panelists also spar over Trump’s attempt to reach Black voters this week.

In the clip, McEnany says Black employment is nearly 58 percent, to make the case that Democrats have failed Black people.

However, Sellers points out that the stat factors in people in college and high school who are looking for work. If you consider those variables for white people, their unemployment is 49 percent, he says.

This disagreement about unemployment figures escalated in a debate about Black voters’ loyalty to Democrats.

Moreover, McEnany insists that African-Americans have to move on to the Republican party.

The spokesperson tells the panel that the inner cities have extreme poverty, poor schools and high unemployment.

“I guarantee you if you go into the inner cities and ask the people who live there, ‘Are you better off today than you were eight years ago?’ the answer is absolutely not,” she states.

In response, Sellers educates McEnany about Trump’s history with African-Americans.

“You cannot say that of someone who got sued twice by the Department of Justice for failure to rent to African-Americans,” the former politician explains.

“You can’t say that of someone who took out a pro-death penalty piece for the Central Park Five. You can’t simply say that somebody who started the birther movement all of the sudden cares about intersectionality and African-Americans!”

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