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Frustration Boils Over for #KorrynGaines’ Family Who Were Denied Immediate Access to her Hospitalized Son

After the shooting of Baltimore resident Korryn Gaines last week, the 23-year-old’s surviving son has been recovering in a local hospital. Family members were denied immediate access to the 5-year-old, who is nursing gunshot wounds.

Atlanta Black Star reported last week that Gaines was involved in a multi-hour standoff with Baltimore Police when she allegedly pointed a shotgun at officer and they fired killing her.

Her son was shot at as he ran out of a closet during the Aug. 1 standoff.

In the video, the man recording the family’s frustration is Gaines’ cousin. He says that Kodi’s father and grandmother were denied immediate access before he entered surgery. However, the family did get the opportunity to visit the 5-year-old afterwards.

“They got our whole family out here,” Gaines’ cousin says. “They’re telling us to be calm … They have all of this beefed up security but who’s advocating for us? Who’s out making sure we can go back there with a 5-year-old? Everybody got a job to do except the right one.”

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One thought on “Frustration Boils Over for #KorrynGaines’ Family Who Were Denied Immediate Access to her Hospitalized Son

  1. Andy Blair says:

    Officers cannot fire warning shots. If they have the legal justification to use deadly force, they use it to kill not wound. This isn't the movies where they can " wing " someone. You point a an officer and you aren't going to get a bruise in return. Bad decision on her part but it looks like she wanted to die. She got her wish.

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