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Fans Slam Judges for Knocking Gabby Douglas from Finals, Others Push Back Against Hair Critics

Gabby Douglas (NBC/Olympics)

Gabby Douglas (NBC/Olympics)

During Sunday’s Olympic qualifying, Simone Biles, Aly Raisman and Gabby Douglas all earned more than 60 points. It was an impressive feat, but many could only focus on the latter’s hair.

The gymnasts ranked at numbers 1, 2 and 3 respectively, but it was Biles and Raisman who advanced to the final. Rules state that only two gymnasts from each country can compete in the all-around finals, happening Aug. 11.

NBC reports Team USA earned a combined 185.238 points – the highest team qualifying score. Biles was the standout member scoring 62.366 points. It was greater than non-U.S. competitors, who have never tallied more than 59 points. Raisman followed with 60.607 and Douglas rounded out the total with 60.131.

Though she was edged out of the finals, Douglas was pleased with her work.

“I’m not disappointed at all,” she told NBC. “I have no regrets.”

But when it came to her hair, many were displeased. The 20-year-old was the target of unkind banter about her tresses during the games in London four years ago. Yesterday the conversation once again focused on her appearance.

Douglas’ supporters defended her against critiques.

@Carnage45 put things into perspective and said the athlete will have lots of time to “do whatever to her hair later.”

Miles Morales used a gif to show his backing of the 2012 Fierce Five member.

@blackheaux called out her mother’s “internalized hate” for slamming both Biles and Douglas’ hair. In their defense, she exclaimed the two were playing sports.

Cassandra also blamed internalized self-hate for others dissing Douglas’ hair.

@QueenMoixx defended the Olympic gold medalist against her aunt by stating Douglas’ hair was longer than her family member’s.

Twitter also defended the star’s skills. Users criticized judges who gave Raisman a higher score than Douglas, even though the former nearly fell off the balance beam.

Lamar Brown questioned why Raisman earned the No. 2 slot when Douglas’ routine was nearly flawless.

@faithh_GOLD thought Raisman – who called the two-person rule the “dumbest thing ever” in a promotional video for Team USA – should have lost her second-place position for her wobbly routine.


@Delightfulgem was confused about the athletes’ close scoring after Raisman’s close call.

When @lamarGarrard was accused of making everything about race, he pointed to Gabby’s better performance over her Olympic teammate as proof that race is not “so 1800.”

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6 thoughts on “Fans Slam Judges for Knocking Gabby Douglas from Finals, Others Push Back Against Hair Critics

  1. Rye Bouvier says:

    Those going in on her hair are just stupid…I mean seriously? They'll never see a 1/10 of the greatness she's achieved in their entire, pathetic lifetimes.

  2. George Sallo says:

    Black people are so dumb. The reason that Alley won is the difficulty of her routine . Always playing the race card. Everything is black with black people . Can't support an American athlete , only a black American athlete . You people make me sick.

  3. George Sallo you are correct on refering to the difficulty of the routine, however, you fall short on your generalization. Do not generalize it takes away from possible "smart" remarks.

  4. A supreme athlete/gymnast representing her country at the world's greatest sporting event and some very very shallowed minded people can only talk about her hair. If you want to see nice hairstyles then go watch a fashion show and leave the real sports fans to watch the olympics.

  5. Gabby didn't even place in the top 5 in scores in the finals but they put her on the Olympic team anyway because of her ability to overcome the stress when behind and her consistency. By Olympic standards, she is now the 3rd greatest gymnast in the world today and thats what really matters. If it counts, they talk about her endlessly that I couldn't really tell you the names of the other two.

  6. George Sallo says:

    Nothing at all general about my comment. The difficulty of the routine was what her score was based on, not racism .

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