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‘The Vampire Theory’: Watch Korryn Gaines Recite Powerful Poem About Black Bodies Being Hunted

In the aftermath of the shooting death of 23-year-old Baltimore resident Korryn Gaines, videos of her have surfaced online, revealing more of her personality before Monday’s tragic incident.

On Aug. 1, Gaines was engaged in a multi-hour standoff with Baltimore police over arrest warrants for minor citations.

Atlanta Black Star reported that the young woman recorded an Instagram video of her talking to her 5-year-old son during the standoff.

According to NBC News, Gaines had a 12-gauge shotgun in hand, threatening police. They fired first, and Gaines returned fire. Then officers fired three more times, killing the young mother.

Today, new developments in the case revealed that her son may not have been in her lap.

In a recently released video, Gaines recites a poem entitled, “The Vampire Theory,” about Black self-worth.

“Our blood reeks of royalty; they can smell it in the air,” she says. “We’re so used to our own scent, we can’t fathom what we bear. They know of our greatness. I’m just trying to taste it while others are trying to waste it.”

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